Markham Chinese Presbyterian Church


Markham Chinese Presbyterian Church (MCPC) is a member of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (The PCC). The PCC was formed in 1875 and belongs to a global family of reformed churches with the Presbyterian tradition of church governance. Our root traces back to the teaching of 16th century reformers; Martin Luther, John Calvin and John Knox.

Today, The PCC has about 1000 congregations stretching from coast to coast across the nation including congregations on the island of Bermuda. Our members come from many national and racial backgrounds which demonstrate our diversity and multi-culturalism. We have congregations that worship in some 45 languages including English, French, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

We believe in one holy catholic church, based on the teaching of the Bible, the church was reformed. We also believe that we are connected with apostles and early fellowers of Christ and that our faith is a living faith. We believe that Christ is the only King and Head of the church. We acknowledge Christians from all denominations when we all confess salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. Despite the different traditions and denominations, we are all united through the love of God and work together in Jesus Christ to achieve the Great Commission. - 28189 - Markham Chinese Presbyterian Church

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