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Fuji Optical Company Limited is one of the leading fashion eyewear retailers in Canada. Starting the business at age 17, Mr. Dave Ng, the president of Fuji Optical Co. Ltd. and Fuji Group has an intuition there could be more done with products with different price points and looks and a faster turnaround time. With the belief that fashionable and stylish look combined with easy-adaptation would be the wave of the future, Dave successfully developed a couple new designed line of fashion eyewear products and became a pioneer in the optical industry.

The first Fuji was founded in 1990 in Scarborough. Nowadays, Fuji has 8 chain retail stores spread all over in Greater Toronto area. Fuji is committed to providing value at an affordable price, as instilled by its founder, while continuing to offer the latest fashions in eyewear. Our best selling brand name includes UK2000, Mikodo, Tokio etc. Besides traditional designs for man and woman, appealing unisex styles are offered in metal, combinations & solid plastic designs. Actually, this three in-house brands have become the cornerstone of Fuji Optical. From the beginning, value has been defined by a repertoire of evolving stylish basics interpreted in a wide breadth of metal and plastic designs.

To all our customers, Fuji is their global source for value. We offer outstanding quality and contemporary styling at competitive prices, backed by professional service.

Because all Fuji eyewear purchased by consumers should be fit, adjusted and serviced by eye care professional. Please check with our retailer location to find a closet Fuji near you.

www.fujioptical.com - 31372 - Fuji Optical Company Limited

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