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Yorkbbs (www.YorkBBS.ca) is Chinese portals in Canada. It is the main platform for Chinese students in Canada and Canadian Chinese immigrants to leisure and entertainment. It is a warm home online for Canadian Chinese to exchange information, make friends and help each other. 1 million clicks are on homepage every day.
Our aim is to promote quality of your life. It provides a convenient platform for users to mutual communication. And the development of Yorkbbs influenced and changed the communication style and life habits of overseas Chinese deeply.

Yorkbbs is made up of information channels, forum sections, classified advertisements and E-mall. Information channels: news center, education news, immigrant application, travel and vacation, food and recipe. Forum sections: watering, education, immigration, friends, auto, pets, food, travel, entertainment. Classified advertisements: housing rental, jobs, secondhand market, auto dealers, yellow pages. E-mall: girls clothes, jewelry, cosmetic, name-brand bags, boys clothes

www.yorkbbs.ca - 181040 - Yorkbbs

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