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Founded in 1976, the World Journal is the most influential Chinese-language newspaper in North America. One of the few U.S. daily newspapers distributed on a national basis, the World Journal is published in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Vancouver and Toronto and distributed throughout North America. The World Journal has become a vital part of the everyday lives of Chinese Americans/Chinese Canadians with a loyal following of readers from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

The World Journal has recognized the rapid growth and changing demographic profile of Chinese immigrants and responded to their changing needs through continuous advancements in content, technology and service. Its team of professionally trained reporters and editors produce several local editions to address local issues and events while maintaining the scope and depth of its coverage as a national paper.

The newspaper publishes between 64 and 128 pages daily, depending on the edition, 365 days a year. World Journal’s content includes major US, Canadian and international news, news from the Greater China region, local and regional news, finance, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, education, health, and consumer news.

In 1999, the World Journal established its official website to further increase the reach and breadth of its services. In 2007, the World Journal launched a digital edition, further broadening its multimedia offerings.

The World Journal has received numerous awards for its service to the community as well as acknowledgements from leaders including several United States Presidents and Canadian Prime Ministers for its key role in helping new immigrants to assimilate. Chinese Premier Wen Ja Bao acknowledged being a World Journal subscriber and relying on for his news on overseas Chinese. - 186702 - World Journal

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