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Headquartered in Toronto, the largest city in Canada, the Henry Global Consulting Group (the Henry Group for short) is one of the largest immigration agencies in the world, helping clients apply target country’s green card, student visa as well as providing international business consultation. Its service covers such countries as the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom

Licensed both domestically and internationally, the Henry Group boasts of a highly professional prestige among immigration agencies in China, with the approval rate of North American immigration applications topping the list. Its expertise and reputation in the immigration field have made the Henry Group highly recognized among the Chinese immigration communities.

Beijing Henry-Tongzhao Information Consulting Co., ltd., the headquarters of Henry Group in China, is licensed by Ministry of Public Security to operate as an immigration agency for Chinese citizens nationwide

In 2004, Canada Immigration announced that only the institution that own CSIC license are qualified to assist immigration applicant . Applications from an agency without CSIC license will be declined. In early 2004, Dr. Henry, the Chairman of Henry Group, and other two key corporate members passed the examination of Consultant Qualification owned and arranged by Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants, and became professional consultants in 2006. Thus, Henry Group has become the only Canada immigration consulting institution with three CSIC members in China.

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