Tsit Wing International Holdings Limited

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Tsit Wing International Holdings Limited is one of Hong Kong`s leading food and beverages supplier. From its beginning as a coffee, tea and grocery supplier to beverage and food services industry leader, Tsit Wing has expanded its business range to include coffee shops, distributing branded coffee and tea machines, and supplying instant beverage products to supermarkets.

In its pursuit of excellence, the guiding principle of Tsit Wing is to respond swiftly to changing consumer expectations and customizing its service to meet customers` needs. To strive for continuous growth, Tsit Wing is now moving from specialization to diversification on three fronts: product, business and geography.

As a result, Tsit Wing has expanded its business to Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian countries subsequent to the successful entry to China and Canada. It has also actively sourced renowned agency branded products to compliment our coffee and tea business.

Building on this direction, Tsit Wing will embark a new era in expanding its business and regional growth further to truly becoming a world-class food and beverages services provider.

www.twcoffee.com - 48336 - Tsit Wing International Holdings Limited

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