Su Badminton Club

Alexa Rank

Su Badminton Club was established in 2004. With all the support from community and badminton enthusiasts, the club has expanded its training facilities at various locations in Greater Toronto Area. A large group of outstanding young badminton elites were trained with us and have received numerous awards at different badminton games. Su Badminton Club has been interviewed by Toronto news press and publicized the club in many different newspapers and TV broadcasters.

Our aim is to make the most out of playing badminton, such as bonding with the compassionate, strengthening fitness, and developing self-confidence. We offer classes at different level at locations in Toronto and Markham area. As our club is growing and attracting more badminton enthusiasts, we have recently expanded the largest court facility in Mississauga with nine international-standard indoor badminton courts. We offer group lessons and private lessons to junior and adults, membership free-play, and court-bookings. All are welcome to join. - 53978 - Su Badminton Club

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