Richmond Hill Montessori Private School

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We are certain, whether or not you choose Richmond Hill Montessori Private School as your child’s educational institution, you will have positive things to say about our community to others.
We would like to share with you our educational philosophy prior to making one of the most important choices for your child. RHMS is built on many positive attributes. For the purposes of this introduction we will focus on trust and integrity. It is essential that trust and integrity form the basis of the relationship between RHMS, the parent(s), and the student so that we are clear on our common goal. In the event you feel you are questioning the trust or integrity of RHMS at any time, we strongly recommend that you immediately make an appointment with us to re-establish your confidence and trust.

We ask that you genuinely take the time necessary to make certain that RHMS is an appropriate educational community for your child and you have a complete understanding of RHMS in all aspects so that you are well informed.

In keeping with our environmentally friendly philosophy, further written information can be found on our website. Please feel free to call us if you have specific questions. We will be very happy to assist you. - 476 - Richmond Hill Montessori Private School

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