Richmond Hill Christian Community Church

Alexa Rank

Richmond Hill Christian Community Church (RHCCC) is an evangelical, multi-lingual, seeker-sensitive and life-development church striving to be a “Church for the Unchurched & the Committed.” While the size of our church allows us to bring together resources for a wide range of activities and programs, a network of fellowships and small groups fosters warm relationships among members. It is in these small groups and fellowships that members find dear friends who become true companions in life. In RHCCC, we are all dedicated to the vision of building a church of Love, Missions, Life-development, Prayers and Services. Whether you are a seeker of truth or a Christian, we believe that you will find that love is alive, God is understood and Jesus Christ is Lord here. Through learning and serving in RHCCC, we hope you will enjoy the abundant life that God has promised you. - 19300 - Richmond Hill Christian Community Church

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