North Star Travel is a Chinese travel agency for business tour to Minnesota.

We have a professional motor travel company registered in Minnesota, the company has a newer LEXUS five-seat commercial vehicle and ACURA MDX seven luxury SUV and rented ten-seat high-end Mercedes-Benz, but also rent 30 to 50 luxury bus for interstate travel The Chinese drivers English authentic, driving skills, familiar with the road, warm and thoughtful service. Minnesota Twin Cities (MSP) airport shuttle. Outlets branded shopping. (South / North Dakota, the state of Iowa, Iowa State and the surrounding city of Minnesota, high school freshmen enrollment and return to school. Chartered tourism famous tourist attractions (the world`s largest lake - Lake Superior (MOA): 500 shops, indoor playgrounds, underwater world and cinemas. Visit the top ten public universities in the United States - Ming Shuangcheng campus and the world`s top medical center - plum, the world`s largest entertainment mall (MOA) And provide investment immigrants, purchase, to help domestic enterprises to the US business exhibitors, high school junior high school students studying and other needs of the latest information.

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