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Nexus Holidays have been serving North American community with reliable quality and most competitive prices. Formerly known as China Holidays, Nexus Holidays is a comprehensive travel and tour service company and now the largest China tour operator and one of the best known brand for Asia destinations in North America with eleven offices located in Chicago, New York, Houston, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney, London and Beijing and Shanghai of China.

We serve people from all walks of life, and wholeheartedly provide them with quality from start-to-finish.

Our Customers in front of Tian-an-men Square
Aiming at making differences of your journey with unique experiences, Nexus Holidays has expanded our range of destinations over the past decade from China to cover more countries in the fast east including Japan, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. In order to adapt to our tourism product diversification, as well as global positioning needs, from the beginning of 2007, we have the brand name change from the China Holiday for the Nexus Holidays. Nexus Holidays is uniquely qualified to be your host for an unforgettable journey to China and Asia.

As an expert in Tailor-made Private and Customized Tours, we always welcome your inquiries for your independent travel arrangements. You’ll also find it is very easy to create your own itinerary with the assistance of our travel consultants or using our China & Asia city modules. With daily departure guarantees, multiple choices of hotels, state-of-art flight arrangement, we allow you the most flexibilities to mix and match modules to make your independent tours come true. - 106757 - Nexus Holidays

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