Long Yu

Alexa Rank

Long Yu is an ordinary, yet extraordinary man - sincere, honest humble, unassuming and totally unaffected by the "fame and fortune" that many of his peers seek. To those who are not acquainted with him, he may appear to be aloof, taciturn and inaccessible, but once you have his attention he can be expressive, attentive and will earnestly discuss with you subject matters such as art, artists and their techniques, history, philosophy and life in general.

His "plein air" paintings need no introduction or explanation. He paints instinctively with his heart and his mind. He brings his paintings alive with a portrayal of Vancouver in its natural simplicity as he sees it, through his eyes and by his keen observations. He creates a Vancouver in all its seasonal splendors, a Vancouver with soul. Without these qualities, his paintings will merely be a commodity, devoid of any poetic flair or substance.

I have known Long Yu for twenty years, ever since he arrived in Canada from China. I have worked with him, played with him and journeyed with him to distant places. Most importantly of all, I have watched him evolve from a young, serious artist to a mature, self-confident, impressive individual who produces works of art worthy of exhibitions. He has honed his skills throughout the last twenty years and has reached a high degree of fluency.

www.longu.com - 29284 - Long Yu

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