London Huayu

Alexa Rank

London Huayu is a Chinese Community Radio station based in Camberwell. We are a registered charity No.1117147 with the following charitable objectives:

1. To promote for the benefit of the Cantonese and Mandarincommunities and the wider community in London, the provision of a community radio as a recreational facility for the public at large in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving the conditions of life of the said inhabitants;

2. To advance education amongst the Cantonese and Mandarin communities and the wider community in London, particularly but not limited to Chinese culture;

3. To promote equality of opportunity and good race relations between persons of different racial groups

In 2006 we had our first funding by Capital Community Foundation to produce 6 CD’s of radio programmes which would be distributed amongst the Chinese community. These CD’s were popular, and on the back of that project we began making live shows with Sound Radio on 1503AM.

In 2007 we carried on with our live shows on Sound Radio 1503AM, and also started making regular shows with SOAS OpenAir Radio. In the Summer we received funding from the Community Media Association (CMA) to do a media literacy project. These can be heard in our programmes section, as well as on the CMA website.

Recording the Media Literacy Project

2008 was a big year for Chinese people, and it was a big year for us too. We built our studio and set up the infrastructure for making live programmes to stream online. We made a series of CD programmes, sponsored by Connecting Communities Plus, Awards for All and Trust for London.

2009 we are building up our programming, are currently hosting live programmes almost day and will continue to expand and make more programmes. We are continuing with our volunteer training programme and producing CD’s for distribution to the Chinese community and to Londoners who take an interest in China, Chinese people and Chinese culture. We hope you will pick one up from a local library, have a listen, and let us know what you think!

Most of our presenters are volunteers, and although many of them come to London Huayu already having a lot of experience, many are new to radio production, and receive training, and take part in making radio programmes.

Xiaoxin our Star Newsreader

We welcome people of all backgrounds to take part as volunteers. You don’t need to be Chinese – the most important attributes are reliability and a positive attitude!

We do hope you enjoy our website and our programmes – please take the time to leave comments on the programmes (do this on the programme pages), they are very much appreciated and will help us target our programmes to what you want to hear. - 34638 - London Huayu

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