Lassen Tours

Alexa Rank

Lassen Tours is a full service travel agency acting both as a wholesale and retail tour operator providing package tours catering to clients from around the world. The company is divided into four divisions: US Seat In coach bus tours, Global Inbound, Outbound, Bus Charters.
Lassen Tours designs and operates the US domestic itineraries. This would require the maintenance of its own fleet of vehicles ranging from 15 passenger vans to 58 passenger full size motor coaches, as well as a staff of full/part time tour guides and drivers.

In August of 2008, Lassen Tours became a proud new member and the first non-Japanese company in the US to join JTB Americas. The goal of the partnership is to help both Lassen Tours and JTB Americas diversify its business segments within a global market.

We understand that you may have many choices when it comes to selecting a tour operator. Our true value is a promise that we will do our very best to meet and go beyond your expectations. Our sales pitch is not to tell you that we can satisfy everyone or give a false promise that we can do anything just to win your business. At Lassen Tours, we place a strong emphasis on ethics over business. When you select Lassen Tours, you are in essence selecting trust, reputation, sincerity, and honesty. - 94837 - Lassen Tours

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