Kinokuniya Book Store

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Kinokuniya Book Store Kinokuniya Bookstore was founded in January 1927 by former president Moichi Tanabe. Located in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo in a two-story wooden building, with a floor space of 125 square meters (1,349 sq.ft.) and an art gallery on the second floor, the first Kinokuniya started with five employees, including Mr. Tanabe himself. Kinokuniya believes that bookstores should also function as a center for the promotion of arts and culture. As a result, Kinokuniya makes an effort to include theaters and art galleries inside the bookstores where possible. The two theaters in the Shinjuku main store and the Kinokuniya Theatre Award established in 1966 are both fine examples of this tradition. - 17525 - Kinokuniya Book Store

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