Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australia

Alexa Rank

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has more than 9500 staff, including about 1000 locally engaged staff based at Australian diplomatic missions overseas.

The department`s key objectives are to:
•contribute to Australia`s future through managed migration
•protect refugees and contribute to humanitarian policy internationally
•contribute to Australia`s security through border management and traveller facilitation
•make fair and reasonable decisions for people entering or leaving Australia, ensuring compliance with Australia`s immigration laws and integrity in decision-making
•support migrants and refugees to settle in the community and participate in Australian society
•promote Australian citizenship and a multicultural Australia.

The Australian Government takes its humanitarian responsibilities very seriously and Australia`s offshore Humanitarian Program continues to rank in the top three humanitarian resettlement programs in the world, alongside the United States and Canada. In 2011–12, the government provided 13 750 places in its Humanitarian Program. A total of 13 759 visas were granted under the program, which included 6718 visas granted under the offshore component and 7041 visas granted under the onshore component.

At the same time, the government looks to the department to ensure the integrity of Australia`s borders. Border security is a key component of Australia`s national security arrangements and the department works actively with other countries to curb the capacity of people smugglers and terrorists to circumvent border controls. - 159085 - Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australia

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