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Conpak CPA Limited is a Certified Public Accounting company in Hong Kong, with branches in Shenzhen, and Shanghai. We are dedicated to assisting enterprises from Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas to take Hong Kong as a platform for business.

With the rapid development of emerging markets in today's economic environment, closer communication links, and international flow of funds; it is essential for businesses carrying out in such an increasingly globalized environment to have professional finance, accounting and tax experts.

Since its establishment in 1998, Conpak has built up close cooperation with China and Hong Kong government, as well as state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, overseas enterprises, international banks and industry trade associations. Conpak has also brought in a group of professionals from all over the world, who are proficient in policies of and operation business in mainland China and Hong Kong.

We provide company formation, trademark registration, accounting, auditing, tax planning, IPO and other services for our clients. Our aim is to help our clients set up a sound and efficient business, developing strategies, standing out in fierce competition as well as avoiding risk through sustainable development. - 1838 - Conpak CPA Limited

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