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Hanya Star Culture & Technology Co., Ltd is the only media company that is professionally engaged in overseas IPTV operation and other internet value-added business in China. Its branches have been set up in Beijing and Changsha ( China ), Dallas and Los Angeles ( USA ), Toronto and Vancouver ( Canada ), Milan ( Italy ), Cologne (German), Vienna ( Austria ), Bucharest ( Romania ) and Tokyo ( Japan ), etc. Hanya Star, authorized by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television to promote Chinese culture to overseas Chinese, is an important platform for Chinese external propaganda.

In May 2008, Hanya Star started to operate its Charming China™ IPTV service, which is the most advanced IPTV broadcasting platform in the world. With the overseas Chinese in North America as its audiences, the Charming China™ IPTV broadcasts Chinese television programs and it implements the “going out” strategy of Chinese culture with high technology. The large content platform of Charming China™ IPTV is constituted by over 50 excellent Chinese TV channels & self-owned TV channels, high quality films, TV plays over 20, 000 hours & more than 16,000 musical programs, and other value-added services. The service makes a comprehensive introduction of the promotion of Chinese culture, politics and economy, and the great achievement of Reform and Opening, it also shows the world and open, progressive, developmental and peace loving country of China.

The program production center, operation and maintenance center, contents delivery center and customer service calling center for IPTV project of Charming China™ of Hanya Star are all located in Changsha, one of the cities which have the strongest overseas dissemination awareness to Chinese culture and best development atmosphere. The program trading center and media development center are situated at Beijing, Chinese political and cultural center. Our project operations are distributed in some large cities of the core markets in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

The new broadcasting technique of Charming China™ IPTV of Hanya Star breaks through the territorial limitation of any traditional TV program transmission methods (Satellite, Wired network and Wireless network, etc). Its program signal can reach the entire world, and it is able to achieve the highest degree of effective coverage in the countries with broadband networks. Applying the self-developed system of program acquisition, integration, compression, transmission, distribution and broadcasting, we are able to provide various multimedia interactive services including television channel broadcasting, channel ordering, program requiring, and application of value-added services, etc.

The development of information technology enables the 21st century to be an era with high-speed promotion. Boundless development opportunities offer China, an ancient civilized nation, a chance to reproduce the prosperities in the past 5,000 years. This is an opportunity, but also a challenge. As a new media engaging in IPTV business, in accordance with the principle of serving the society and the overseas Chinese, Hanya Star has gathered a number of outstanding elites from domestic telecommunications and broadcasting industries, we wholeheartedly handled with practical things and committed to promote the IPTV project of our company to be the first brand of overseas Chinese television, to promote Chinese culture all around the world.

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