Fantasia Performing Arts Center


Fantasia Performing Arts Center Fantasia Performing Arts Center was first established in Taiwan in 1987 and then was established in U.S. in 1994. That was the only one professional Chinese dance organization at that time. It’s function is to ideally kept the dancing spirit of the classic Chinese culture, and to express the in such a way that would blend them in our daily live. With this basic function, gradually present the delicate Chinese opera to the kids in U.S.
Fantasia kids, will acknowledge from the materials we provide learning the divine way of the classic Chinese women. From our lessons also learn the martial art of Chinese opera “Shen-Duang” and Kong-Fu. There were many stories of morals in the long history of China, also the romance. Fantasia Performing Arts Center will make these fantasy to reality by expressing them with many resources and chances to be exposed to this environment. Fantasia performing Arts center will open it’s arms to every one of any age, gender, or social background. - 6106 - Fantasia Performing Arts Center

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