The Federation of Chinese Scholars in Australia


The Federation of Chinese Scholars in Australia (FOCSA) is the fist federal alliance in Australia that presents the interests of Chinese scholars and professionals who live and work in Australia.

FOCSA was established in 2004 and it currently consists of 13 Chinese professional associations across all states and territory in Australia except Tasmania.

FOCSA currently has over 1300 members and most of them hold a senior academic position or a management position. Research interest and academic area of FOCSA members are very broad across almost all disciplines in science, engineering and technology.

In order to promote scientific and technological advances, and promote members’ self-development, FOCSA organises national and international events including conferences, workshops, seminars, summer camp activities and exhibition. For example, FOCSA is organising the second symposium for Chinese and Australian scholars to gather together to discuss science, technology and education, and this will become a biennial event organised FOCSA. - 5996 - The Federation of Chinese Scholars in Australia

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