Taian Fibtex Trade Co.,Ltd


Buyers from more than 30 countries have come to us for our high-quality fiberglass and geosynthetics products. We have more than 10 years of experience for production and sales of fiberglass and geosynthetics products.

We mainly offer the following items.

Fiberglass Products

1.Fiberglass/fibreglass/glass fiber;
2.Fiberglass mesh/EIFS mesh/Marble mesh/alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh/netting, sticky mesh;
3.Drywall joint tape/Fiberglass self-adhesive joint tape/Mesh tape;
4.PVC corner mesh/corner bead/metal reinforced corner tape/paper joint tape;
5.Fiberglass insect screen/fly screen,vinyl coated polyester screen;
6.Fiberglass filament yarn, roving,texturized roving;
7.Woven roving/E-glass woven rovings
8.Chopped strand mat/CSM/fiberglass mat/stitch bonded mat,Combo mat,
fiberglass tissue/Roofing mat,
9.Glass fiber fabrics/cloth,
10.Fiberglass wallcoverings/Glass textile wallcovering


1.HDPE/PP uniaxial geogrids,PP biaxial geogrids, Fiberglass geogrid,warp knitted polyester geogrids;
2.Geotextiles/non woven geotextiles/non woven fabric,woven geotextiles;
4.Geonets/draiange net;
5.Geomats/geosynthetics mats/turf reinforcement mat,
6.Geomembranes/pond Liners,
7.Geosynthetic clay liners/GCLs,
8.Rubber waterstop, water seal,
9.Engineering fiber,
10.Other engineering material,earthwork materials,civil and geotechnical and much more geosynthetics products.

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