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Excel College is a British Council accredited and UKBA recognised English language school located in Manchester city centre. We offer a range of English language courses, including General English courses at every level from beginner to proficiency.

We are also a specialist provider of IELTS exam preparation courses. Our experienced IELTS teachers use a wide range of IELTS teaching material to devise training that targets all aspects of IELTS preparation and improves scores in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

As an English language test preparation specialist we also offer Cambridge English exam preparation courses: our FCE,CAE and CPE courses combine test practice with General English study to improve your overall English language skills.

Our IELTS and FCE, CAE, CPE practice tests allow you to do a full test in strict exam conditions to help you improve your test taking skills and increase your confidence before taking the real exam.

We use a communicative approach to English language learning. Our teaching methods are based on communication and task-based learning, so that you study English in an enjoyable and interesting way, engaging in teacher-led activities which help you to improve all of your English language skills.

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