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Ding Ding TV is the first Chinese Internet TV in Silicon. It is the number 1 Chinese language site on Livestream. Has 2 million Viewer minutes till May 2011. DDTV is the best quality content provider, answering the need for alternative well produced media.

Ding Ding TV has positioned itself as a major Silicon Valley event coverage producer.

DDTV’s experienced media team based in the bay area is immersed in the community of inventors, technologists, investors, and technology groups who are changing our lives

DDTV’s extensive connection through the Chinese American tech community enables us to build this bridge between China and the USA

Rich original contents on DDTV:

DDTV has More than 1000 of TV shows recorded in total and more than 1000 of radio shows recorded.

A total of 1.2 million times of radio visit on internet*900,000 times of TV show visit.

Ding Ding TV's service include: Chinese TV interview, Chinese TV commecial production, Sponsorship to big Chinese Event, Directly reach Chinese Community from thousands Email blaster, Live Stream events and shows and more.

www.dingding.tv - 9879 - Ding Ding TV

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