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Established in 1995, DaAi TV strives to provide wholesome programs for views of all ages, to help bring about a society characterized by peace and harmony and inspire lives of truth, goodness and beauty.
Without the sponsorship of the government, the operation of DaAi TV is partially supported by Tzu Chi’s recycling volunteers. There are no commercial ads, but only public service ads between program breaks.
As a key component of Tzu Chi’s Cultural Mission, DaAi TV draws on the spirit of compassion and relief. We produce news and programs with awakening people’s hearts and minds, as well as broadcasting moving stories of love and goodness.
We want every person to know that he or she has the capacity to love and to care. No matter where they are, as along as they spread the seeds of love, their efforts will eventually bear fruit. As more and more people come to this realization and live their lives positively, society will become more peaceful, and the world will eventually be free of disasters and calamities.

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