Cyber Ethiopia

Alexa Rank
Google is registered as a non-profit association in Geneva, Switzerland under the federal number CH-660-0788005-0 and is governed by its bylaws, subsidiary to articles 80, of the Swiss Civil Code.

The siege of the organization is in Geneva, Switzerland. It shall have a branch based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The organization has the following objectives:

◾Serve as a reference on the World Wide Web for timely, relevant and accurate information related to Ethiopia and Ethiopians [Information]
◾Research, study technologies and develop applications that advances the usage of the millenary Ethiopian alphabet on the Internet and encourage activities related to the usage of the new technologies by Ethiopians at large [Technology]
◾Foster dialogue, collaboration and knowledge sharing among Ethiopians (both inside and outside the country), in particular by offering local content and appropriate e-forums in local Ethiopian languages in an open, free, and democratic spirit. [Communication]
◾Initiate “cyberculture” among Ethiopians with the aim of promoting the use of new Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in numerous domains related the development of the country [ICT for Development] - 13029 - Cyber Ethiopia

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