Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre

Alexa Rank

Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre The establishment of the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre was the culmination in a long process of negotiations with the City of Calgary that resulted in the Chinatown Area Redevelopment Plan (A.R.P.) in the early nineteen eighties.

Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre Motivated by the historical mission to save Chinatown, a group of determined and concerned citizens bravely challenged a plan put forward by developers that could cause the disintegration of Chinatown. After almost two years of negotiations, a better A.R.P. for Chinatown was agreed by all concerned parties. In the process, a piece of land for a future cultural centre was obtained. The aspiration at that time was to construct a cultural centre, which would serve as a cornerstone to stimulate the otherwise sluggish growth of the Chinese community and to help the community integrates into the mainstream society. As such, all amenities and activities were made open and available to other ethnic groups. - 8529 - Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre

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