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Founded in July 2000, is the most popular web service provider serving the biggest number of registered users and attracts the largest volume of daily visits among all Chinese websites in Canada’s Capital region. CFC owns and operates four business units — namely CFC forum, CFC Yellow Page, CFC encyclopedia, and CFC social network ( CFC provides comprehensive online services, which include news, community forum, business advertising, Yellow Page, and community event planning, to nearly 100,000 registered users, 1000 businesses, and hundreds of thousands of international students and new immigrants coming from China.

CFC online advertising has long been recognized by many local advertisers with respect to its wide coverage, highly efficient in marketing communication as well as the most effective in reaching target customers. In short, it offers the best “value-for-money” services for advertisers. First of all, as the most well-known Chinese website, CFC has been the primary information source for the majority of Chinese users in the Capital Region for almost a decade. In addition,CFC tailors its information services and offers interactive function to address needs of a variety of users through its four business units. As such, businesses can select CFC advertising channels to effectively approach potential customers based on targeting market demand and maximizing ROI. Last but not least, CFC web advertising has an advantage of offering 24/7 services 365 days per year.

For more than ten years, CFC has been growing with many advertisers and businesses by collaborating, interacting, and offering win-win solutions with them. CFC bridges you from start to success. - 123935 - CFC Comefromchina

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