Cloud System Networks

Alexa Rank

Cloud System Networks was created as a research venture into understanding the use of cloud networks and how it compares to non-cloud internet. This venture yielded groundbreaking insights and became the foundation of the Electron Platform. Using this Platform, Cloud System Networks helps companies achieve higher visibility and thorough monitoring of their hybrid cloud deployments.

Electron Platform
Our proprietary Electron Platform is the global discovery and analytics framework that powers our products. This revolutionary platform works to continually build and analyze a global differential view of your cloud and on-prem deployments providing full visibility into your network.

The Doppler Service provides weekly reports on the health of your cloud networks compared to your on-prem networks. This product is great for any Network Team that needs to continually monitor and audit a hybrid deployment.

The Stratus Service provides quarterly executive reports containing a global view of your hybrid network surface and provides key insights and metrics on the global state of your hybrid cloud deployments. This product is great for any CIO or CISO who needs concise actionable insights into their hybrid cloud network. - 153 - Cloud System Networks

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