Christ`s Kingdom Berlin Church

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Christ`s Kingdom Berlin Church e.V. is officially registered as a christian non-profit organization by Berlin Charlottenburg Court in Germany.Register Court: Amtsgericht Charlottenberg, Berlin, ermany
Register number: VR32938B.

We are a group of Christians who are from different countries and are now living in Germany. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, inspired by the love of God, we’re gathered together to serve the people in Germany and Europe.

We’ve special passion for refugees, for the sick, the poor, the weak and the needy. We`re also here to encourage the body of Christ to be blessings for these people so that our Father in heaven can be glorified through us.

We agree with the vision of Christ’s Kingdom Ministries (CKM) in the USA, looking forward to the coming day that Christ reigns over Germany and all other nations and countries( Rev. 11:15). CKM in USA is the Headquarter of CKPM in Germany. - 10979 - Christ`s Kingdom Berlin Church

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