Association of Chinese in Iceland

Alexa Rank

Association of Chinese in Iceland (ACI) is a sole organization and community of Chinese people in Iceland.

ACI was founded in 26 December, 1995 in Reykjavik, own its 30 members at begining. Today, it owns more than 150 members who came from China mainland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore. There are around 300 Chinese people are living in Iceland (updated end of 2006). All members have to pay dues at least 1000 Icelandic krona (12-15 USD) per year.

ACI held an annual meeting and several activities every year for all members, most important gathering hold in Christmas holidays or Easter holidays to summarize their activities for past year and discuss future activities for next year; decide elections and financials project etc.

ACI keep closer contact with Icelandic Chinese Cultural Society, Alþjóðahús and Embassy of China, make cooperation as more as we can.

ACI members elected one chairman and several board directors every two years. Directors can be reelected except chairman. - 19026 - Association of Chinese in Iceland

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