China Town Restaurant

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The name "China Town" is registered in Polish Patent Office for the brand-protect of restaurant, hotel, and travel agency. Its internet domains are:,

The restaurants boast more than 80% frequent visitors. They offer really rich menu, which you can have here or take away. Restaurants "China Town" are popular among the diplomats from many embassies, well-known businessmen, journalists, actors as well as common citizens. Here also is a favourite place among people from Asia, such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian and so on.

Our restaurant organizes receptions at client`s place, for instance: in Chinese Embassy on the occasion of Chinese National Day, in Hotel Marriott and Hyatt for Casino Poland, in Hotel Hilton for Olympic Casino, in Cinema "Culture" for Chinese Film Week , in "Zachęta" Art Gallery for Modern Chinese Art Exhibition, in Polish National Museum for Chinese Antique Exhibition, as well as at client’s company or house. - 18331 - China Town Restaurant

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