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Cham Shan Temple was established in 1973 by Ho Nansang and Ho Nanji. They donated a building and called it Cham Shan Temple, named it in memory of the temple in Tsing Tao, China which was built by Grand Master Tan Xu. Their three disciples - Dharma Masters Sing Hung, Shing Cheung and Lok To were invited to take charge of the temple.

Fulfilling the wishes of their teacher, the three Dharma Masters further expanded the temple and its congregation, and promoted the dharma. With the support and help from the buddhist communities, in 1975 the initial simple building was expanded to become a majestic temple, thus establishing it as the first Chinese buddhist temple in Toronto, offering a place for the local Chinese community to learn more about Buddhism and the Dharma.

The two main halls of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and Bodhisattva Ksitigarbharaja were built in 1984 and 1994 respectively. The main gate and memorial Hall of Tan Xu were then added. In 1998 and 2000, two adjacent properties were bought and were named as Prajna Hall and Avatamsaka Hall. Presently, the total area of the temple complex is over 3 acres. Additional properties were bought in other parts of Ontario and developed into various temples, such as Hung Fa Temple, Cham Shan Chan Temple, Fo Hai Chan Temple, Cham Shan Library, Fa Hai Chan Temple, Cham Shan Buddhist Learning Centre, Ten Thousand Buddhas Sarira Stupa, and etc. Regular activities held are dharma talks, meditation, prayer services, repentence services and other services, dharma lessons and library facilities.

Cham Shan Temple is the oldest chinese buddhist temple established in Toronto, Canada, and also one of the largest buddhist association, with hundreds of visitors from over the place coming to join in its services on every buddhist festivals, especially on chinese new year, where over 10,000 worshippers lined up every year to make offerings and light incense. Both in keeping with the wishes of the worhsippers and the growth of the congregation, Cham Shan Temple is constantly striving to expand its services and facilities.

The main teaching and principles of Cham Shan Temple are: Promotes the Dharma, purifies the mind, spreads the teaching and encourages buddhist beginners, promotes peace through the wisdom and compassion, with the utilmate goal of world peace, happiness and englightenment. - 42115 - Cham Shan Temp

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