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AUG was first established in 1995 in Malaysia. Since then, the company has expanded its reach by establishing 18 offices across 6 countries. This is a strong verification of the company’s success in placing students in reputable institutions across the world.

To manage its ever growing business entities, AusEd, UniEd, SchoolEd and Bond and Forsyth now comes under the one name, AUG.

AUG is renowned as a reputable, trustworthy, caring and professional education placement centre. With more than 15 years experience in providing the highest quality advice to students in carving their educational paths, AUG has always taken fresh and innovative approaches in its service. The company acts as a liaison between students and their preferred education providers to ease the entire process of studying overseas. Staff members are always abreast of changes in the international education industry which means students get the most accurate advice from our team. AUG stresses on the importance for students to align their career goals with the right course and institution by understanding the processes and procedures of getting an institution placement.

The company is staffed by a team of dedicated, friendly, multilingual, caring and responsible staff members with comprehensive knowledge about studying in Australia, the UK, Switzerland, USA, Malaysia and Singapore. The company is constantly exceeding the expectations of students, their families and other business partners through the provision of outstanding customer service. - 29363 - AUG Student Services

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