Chinese Newspaper Group

Alexa Rank

Established in 1986, the Chinese Newspaper Group is the largest Chinese media network in Australia. Incorporating an extensive list of publications ranging from national daily newspapers, local community publications, entertainment magazine, property newspaper and a leading news interactive website is the Leading online Chinese news and current events portal in Australia.

Updated daily, the news contents are drawn from the Daily Chinese Herald, Chinese Melbourne Daily and Queensland Chinese Time print editions. It is updated throughout the day as news breaks.

While the editorial priorities of the website reflect those of our staple daily newspaper, it does not exactly match the print editorial contents.
It is the online arm of Australia`s largest Chinese language publisher, the Chinese Newspaper Group Pty Ltd - Is committed in providing the most comprehensive news to the Chinese community of Australia. Covering a broad range of contents including National / International News, Finance, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Sports - 205721 - Chinese Newspaper Group

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