DeepSea Marine


Founded in 2019, Deepsea Marine’s main business is: second-hand yacht sales, rental yachts, yacht hosting, maintenance, agent water toys, and so on.

The design of the trademark logo is based on the steering wheel of the ship. The palm steering wheel is at the helm, and the sea can be extended in all directions. It means that the development opportunities of the enterprise are unlimited, the sea is infinite, the company and the captain have their own specific target direction, ride the wind and waves, stabilize the rudder and bravely advance.

Deepsea Marine has its own shipyard, providing one-stop service is the company’s biggest advantage, from buying yachts, repairing, leasing yachts, hosting to re-selling, we can do it for you. In addition, we also provide a warranty period plan. The purchase of second-hand yachts also has a maintenance period, and the maintenance period is calculated based on the age or model. Finally, our service team has a four-hour emergency support service. You can contact us when you have problems with the vessel. You can enjoy it at sea. - 2365 - DeepSea Marine

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