Borch Leeman Global Career Services


Borch Leeman Global Career Services provides businesses and International and local graduates with Employment and Internship opportunities through our tailored designed programs and training courses.

Borch Leeman has been facilitating career and internship opportunities to local and international graduates/candidates for over 3 years. Originally formed by offering student’s accommodation and education services in Australia to initiating and developing global partnerships, moving into recruitment and training services.

Borch Leeman has grown through offering quality services, we build value through creating and keeping customers. We provide competitive advantage through innovation and superior quality. Extraordinary customer service is what sets us apart from our competitors. We are “easy to do business with”, we understand our customers. We proactively work to ensure our customers have a good experience when dealing with us. The unity and strength of our team is key to our success. We operate as one team in striving to achieve our business goals. We support each other to get the job done. We act with integrity at all times and build trust amongst the team. We focus on delivering outcomes. We continue to grow by researching the needs from International candidates, to understanding culture awareness and teaching Australian culture back to Internationals.