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Virtus Medical was formed in early 2018 through the merger of medical practices of 40 doctors covering different specialties and related healthcare businesses.

The Company is a private healthcare and medical provider aiming to offer a total health solution to people at different stages of the health cycle.

•A unique doctor partnership model promotes a culture of doctors of different specialist disciplines working together to deliver optimal solutions that meet the growing needs for sophisticated healthcare services.

•The Company currently has more than 40 doctors providing patient-first,evidence-based medical services to individuals,educational institutions,and corporates,and runs a fast-growing vaccination and health check operation in Hong Kong.

•Many of the Company’s specialists are actively linked to the works of medical schools and medical academies through visiting,honorary teaching or examiner posts.

•Virtus Medical Tower,a 15-story medical center located in Central Hong Kong opened in July 2018 and will be followed by the establishment of specialist medical centers in Macau.

•The Company has secured an investment of about USD 83 million from Samena Capital,Cenova Capital and a group of specialist doctors and management engaged in the Company. - 837 - Virtus Medical

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