Mighty Oaks International Nursery & Kindergarten

Alexa Rank

Children explore, learn, laugh, love and grow together in a nurturing educational environment. We facilitate this by focussing on character building integrated with a child-orientated and engaging curriculum so our students will blossom from acorns into oaks of righteousness.

Welcome to Mighty Oaks International Nursery & Kindergarten, where the journey in character building begins.

‘Where lifelong learning meets with character development’ is our school motto; we believe character development is the foundation for children in all aspects of life. At Mighty Oaks, children explore, learn, laugh, love and grow together in a nurturing educational environment. Our students experience a rich academic curriculum that incorporates character building, which enriches all stages of child development so they can blossom from acorns into oaks of righteousness.

We aim to instill moral values based on the "fruit of the spirit" so our students can conceptualize and apply the nine values of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control throughout their lives. We embrace 21st century child-focused learning practices in all academic areas. As a parent myself, I deeply understand what parents need from early education to best prepare their children to meet the high expectations of Hong Kong’s prestigious schools. Thus, we aim to help our students develop academic excellence through a sense of self-identity, culture and good relationships within our community. Throughout my teaching career in Hong Kong, I have had the pleasure of educating countless great students and understand the importance of teacher training, communication with parents and an expertly designed play-based curriculum. We encourage our students to explore, investigate, learn and take pleasure in their own success and of others’.

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