Jinti Inc.

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Jinti Inc. is an American-funded digital marketing company that owns and operates jinti.com, the largest community services and social networking website in the China market.

Jinti.com ranks among China’s best known and heavily trafficked websites. Companies of all sizes can make use of this powerful platform to promote their products and services.

Jinti.com is the first website in China to utilize the concept of promoting businesses through the power of community. Jinti.com’s unique structure enables brands to implement campaigns on a national level down to a local level (city, borough, or neighborhood).

Utilizing breakthrough technologies and providing a forum that captivates people, we offer advertisers a unique opportunity to connect with our huge user base. Jinti.com’s vast array of content provides the perfect platform to market your brand, including News, Real Estate, Travel, Autos, Sports, Entertainment, Jobs, etc. The Jinti audience is engaged, multidimensional, ready to listen, influence and spend. Our platform allows users to interact with your message and spread the word to others.

Advertising on Jinti.com will extend your visibility and reach into China and tap this diverse and highly internet savvy group of consumers.

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