Mega-in Design Ltd


Mega-in Design Ltd. is a professional interior design and contraction company providing competitive and comprehensive designs and engineering services including both residentials` and commercials` projects. We have been experiencing changes of the industry in Hong Kong throughout almost 20 years. Our mission is to input Ergonomic into Design projects, manage and control the quality as well as time consuming, meet clients demand and completed within budget.

Throughout the years, Mega-in`s designers has been co-operating and sharing experiences with a bunch of Registered Architects and Engineers since 2007. In order to give professional advices and more efficiency to our clients; we invest high-tech facilities of advanced computer in hardwares and softwares in our office for designing and drafting use.

In the future, we are concentrating on the energy-saving matter which is aid by a few worldwide cooperates in LED lighting products and air condition systems, so that we could have privileges in promoting a much Environmental lives in both Residentials and Commercials projects. - 23920 - Mega-in Design Ltd

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