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We at Hanway believe there is a musical soul that lies within everyone and part of our goal is to bring that out in our students. Throughout my music learning journey, I have received experiences from both eastern and western teachers, gaining their insight and teaching philosophies.

Having acquired credentials of RCM Performers and teachers ARCT, Bachelor of Music Therapy and minor of child psychology, I began to ponder what would be the best way to incorporate knowledge, challenges, and fun into the music learning process. There can be many contributing factors which lead to the success of music education, however there could be just as many factors which lead to abandonment caused by the improper educational approach. As every student is different in terms of their learning abilities and characteristics, teachers need to devise a fitting educational plan to help propel their education quality and experience.

When I opened this school, I had a vision not only for our students to gain the technical skills of playing an instrument, but promoting the awareness that music is a tool of expression. Whether it may be the highs and lows, the good times or the bad times, music can always be a friend who will always be by your side. We at Hanway strive to bring the best quality of music lessons in Toronto, combined with the after lesson support to our students to make the learning experience fun and challenging.

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