Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham

Alexa Rank

The Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham (F.C.C.M.) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the provision of services to the Chinese community and the integration of Chinese Canadians into the mainstream of Canada. Established in 1989, F.C.C.M. was formally incorporated on May 22, 1992. It is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Since its establishment, F.C.C.M. has been actively working towards its goals through a variety of social, cultural, and business activities, not only to assist the Chinese, but also to promote a better understanding between the Chinese people and the many ethnic groups of the Canadian society. To facilitate the planning of the many aspects of its work, the F.C.C.M. network is divided into four main divisions, namely the Markham Chinese Seniors Association, the Chinese Canadian Sports and Recreation Club of Markham, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Markham, and the Markham Chinese Cultural Centre.

The Seniors Division operates the Markham Chinese Seniors Centre and organizes programs to meet the needs of the seniors, such as mah-jong games, birthday parties, exercise classes, and excursions. Sports and Recreation organizes events like annual picnics, Christmas parties, regular badminton, basketball and dancing practice sessions, as well as operating the Scouts section.

The Business Division concentrates on networking, disseminating information and organizing educational seminars for the business people. The Cultural Division is engaged in fostering cultural exchanges, and operates the Markham Chinese Cultural Centre occupying 4500 square feet of space on the 2nd floor of Market Village Shopping Centre to provide various cultural programs in addition to the teaching of English and Chinese languages.

F.C.C.M. is also very much involved with the community it is in, and welcomes the opportunity to work for its benefit through cooperation and coordination with charitable institutions such as United Way of York Region, Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre, Markham-Stouffville Hospital, and the Canadian Red Cross.

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