Ecuador Tourist Board


Ecuador... A land of wonders and diversity!

Although the smallest of all the Andean countries, The Republic of Ecuador holds historical, cultural and natural wonders befitting an entire continent. Straddling not only two hemispheres but also two worlds - the ancient and the modern - this tiny republic with its remnants of past civilizations and Spanish conquests offers the traveler a striking blend of landscapes, peoples and cultures.

From ancient markets of the indigenous peoples, Amazon tributaries, Inca ruins, Andean peaks, 16th century churches, and the wildlife-rich Galapagos Islands, Ecuador boasts an incredible diversity which belies its diminutive size. Indigenous cultures, tropical forests, active volcanoes, and a wealth of animal and bird life are all highly accessible within a matter of hours in a country no bigger than the U.S. State of Colorado. - 8151 - Ecuador Tourist Board

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