Columbia University Asia-Pacific Development Society

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Asia-Pacific Development Society (CUASIA) is a student organization affiliated with Columbia University. We devote ourselves to creating and building innovative international programs that facilitate the communication and exchange between the citizens in the United States and those in the Asia-Pacific region.

We are proud to be part of Columbia University , one of the world`s leading institutions of higher learning. We draw on the University`s many strengths – in the humanities, sciences, communications, engineering, education, business, and law – so as to add greatest depth and highest quality to our programs. Our location in New York City , the global center of international business, finance and culture, offers tremendous opportunities that further enrich our activities.

We also draw on the expertise from our diversified members that include students and scholars from the finest American universities such as Harvard, MIT, Princeton , Yale, Cornell, Stanford, and UC-Berkeley, as well as professionals from Fortune 500 companies, top financial firms on Wall Street, and major international organizations. Through forums, conferences, seminars as well as academic and culture exchange programs, we seek to strengthen the international community at Columbia University by focusing on economic, social, legal, cultural, and political issues. In the longer term, we hope to foster the development of a prosperous, open, and peaceful Asia-Pacific region. - 23246 - Columbia University Asia-Pacific Development Society

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