Chinese News (Da Zhong Bao)

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Chinese News (Da Zhong Bao) is community newspaper established since 1993. It is the FIRST CCAB audited Chinese publication in Canada. It publishes 3 times a week on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, distributed in and around GTA areas to target approximately 500,000 of Chinese population.


Chinese News (Da Zhong Bao) features news, op-eds, special reports on politics, business and financials, social issues, legal issues, consumer reports and advocates, Canadian history, sports, entertainments, travels, etc. Chinese News (Da Zhong Bao) is the only Chinese media in GTA carries 2-3 special reports, and 2-3 editorials in both Chinese and English every week. Serving the community for more than 17 years, Chinese News bridges the gap between the Chinese community and mainstream society by sharing information and offering commentary in the areas of politics, law, culture, economics, and career development; by preserving Chinese culture and identity; and by voicing the concerns of the community to the government.


Published in Chinese, which is read most comfortably by speakers of Mandarin and/or Cantonese, Chinese News attracts both established immigrants and newcomers to Canada alike.

Chinese immigrants face the dual challenge of adapting to Canadian culture and integrating into Canadian society. Chinese News supports the needs of the Chinese community by providing legal, cultural and economic information from mainstream society, addressing and voicing the community`s concerns, upholding and promoting Chinese culture, and supporting the cultural diversity of Canadian society.


Our clients include the Federal and Provincial Governments, Royal Bank, HSBC (Hong Kong Bank of Canada), Bank of Montreal, Bank of China, CIBC, London Life, Bell Canada, Telus, Primus Canada, Rogers Communications, Toyota Canada, GM Canada, National Sports, Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, The Royal Conservatory of Music, George Brown College, University of Toronto, University of New Brunswick, and other independent merchants.


Chinese News prints 12,000/issue(36,000/wk), Our current printer, DPI, located at 1830 Ellesmere Road, Unit A. Scarborough (416-289-2223). Starting Jan. 5,2009, Chinese News has become the first Chinese language newspaper in Canada to apply for CCAB/BPA Worldwide membership. - 71009 - Chinese News (Da Zhong Bao)

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