Arizona Hope Chinese School

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Arizona Hope Chinese School, founded in 1995, is a non-profit, non-political, and non-religious organization. Our goal is to offer instruction in Chinese culture and simplified Chinese. The Hope Chinese School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, religion, or handicap with regard to admission or employment.

The Arizona Hope Chinese School promotes Chinese culture and emphasizes developing students’ learning abilities in Chinese and other talents. The school has offered 69 classes, including bilingual classes, Chinese preschool, Chinese kindergarten, Chinese Grades 1-12, conversational Chinese, SAT II Chinese prep, AP Chinese prep, Chinese for adults, math Grades 1-12, Math Count prep, AMC prep, AIME prep, SAT math, SAT verbal prep, SAT writing prep, English writing, English creative writing, children's dance, dance for adults, Chinese folk dance, children's art, Chinese art and calligraphy, sketching, wei-qi, chess, wu-shu, taichi, etc.

The Arizona Hope Chinese School has a great reputation for providing high-quality education and is well known for its qualifications and experienced teachers, friendly school learning environment, and striving-for-success school spirit. The school has been successfully operated and managed by a group of volunteers with rich experiences in education and administrative management. Very strong parental involvement and support have also contributed to the school’s success.

Each year, the school has enrolled hundreds of students of Chinese and non-Chinese ethnicity. The school has grown for in the past more than 10 years and developed its own culture. The students are enriched with our school spirit and have gradually become excellent and responsible members of the society with multicultural backgrounds. Many of our students have won various awards and prizes in different areas.

The school also actively participates in community activities and has made a great effort to reach out to other ethnicities and cultures.

It is the goal of the Arizona Hope Chinese School to provide our society new generations with great hope. - 4560 - Arizona Hope Chinese School

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