Advanced Skyline Technology Ltd.

Alexa Rank

Advanced Skyline Technology Ltd. is one of North America's largest technology services and consulting organizations in the refurbished computer industry. After over 8 years of development,AST has become North America'€™s most competitive refurbished computer enterprise with the highest level of modernization. AST has obtained the right to be a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher,a rigorous and lengthy licensing process where a company has to meet a minimum average threshold of 5,000 PCs shipped per month. In fact,AST ships out over 10,000 units a month,professionally refurbishing desktops,laptops and servers with genuine Microsoft software. Computers are loaded with Windows 10 plus,Windows Live services and Microsoft Security Essentials and provides a complete refurbished PC solution,which is a great value for businesses or homes. Overall,AST'€™s continual achievement exceeds expectations and has allowed AST to be rewarded with the prestigious status of becoming a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. - 1433 - Advanced Skyline Technology Ltd.

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